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Introducing the Her Art Here planes

Her Art Here, a first-of-its-kind contest, was created to find and uplift underrepresented women artists by providing them with a chance to have their work painted on a canvas like no other — a Boeing 757 plane.

While 51% of today's artists are women, less than 13% of art on display in museums is by women artists according to The National Museum of Women in the Arts. Having their designs painted on a plane (roughly 3,666 times larger than the typical 18’ x 24’ canvas) provides these women with a traveling canvas that will fly 1.6 million miles a year, or 476 cross-country trips on average.

Meet the newest member of the California fleet: one of our two women-designed airplanes from the Her Art Here contest. This eye-catching Boeing 757 design, created by San Francisco resident and artist Tsungwei Moo, is a tribute to the Golden State where we operate two major airport hubs — one in Los Angeles and the other in San Francisco. Her design features quintessential California imagery including sunglasses, palm trees and the Golden Gate Bridge. Tsungwei’s creation was also shaped by her personal journey. The talented artist grew up in Taipei before emigrating to San Francisco 14 years ago aboard a United Airlines® flight.

Before taking to the skies, United’s Her Art Here California plane spent time in Amarillo, Texas. After 17 days, 10 colors, 250+ gallons of paint and approximately 4,100 hours, painters finished transforming the Boeing 757 into Tsungwei’s winning design.

Tsungwei Moo
Her Art Here Winner
“It’s truly a dream come true. The vibrant colors, sunshine and subject matter make it California. I could never imagine one day my art will be displayed on a United Airlines plane which brought me to the United States. There are no culture borders in art and it doesn't matter my status is an emigrant female artist. This plane has its mission now, to bring more joy into people’s life, connecting people and uniting the world through experience art.”

The New York/New Jersey airplane from the Her Art Here contest is completed and has officially joined our fleet. This one-of-a kind, woman-designed aircraft was painted in Amarillo, Texas. It took 17 days, 10 colors, 250-plus gallons of paint and approximately 4,100 hours to complete the job from start to finish. The Boeing 757 designed by New Jersey native Corinne Antonelli is a tribute to the New York/New Jersey region and the Newark Liberty International Airport hub we serve there. This plane features iconic imagery from the two states, including the Red Mill in New Jersey, the New York City skyline and the Statue of Liberty, as well as a globe to signify our worldwide network.

New York / New Jersey
Corinne Antonelli
Her Art Here Winner
“It still feels like I am dreaming! I have seen the design on paper countless times, but now to see it, at its full scale in the physical world, there are no words to describe how proud I feel. My goal as an artist is to have people experience my art rather than just view it in a gallery, therefore having it displayed on an airplane has certainly been the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced in my art career”
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